This page comes to sort through some of the more notable open source projects iv realease during the years, note that there are more interesting projects lists under my github account, ranging from puppet modules, dot-files and notable projects as listed bellow , feel free to tweet me about any of these.


Coucfuse is a FUSE file system implementation for the Couchdb nosql database, it enables the mount of a database and manipulation of documents, each document is mapped into a content and meta folders, see for more info.


A small embedded logging server which implements Graylog2 GELF protocol, Gelfino offers a concise DSL for processing log streams and for defining Drools fusion CEP rules, for more info head on to project's website or view this screencast.

Gradle Liquibase plugin

This Gradle plugin offers a complete life cycle management of database schema, it follows the same philosophy as any other source based project by providing development, packaging and deployment phases, it uses the excellent Liquibase for all the heavy database refactoring functionality, development was sponsored by Kenshoo follow this for more information.


Opskeleton is a project workflow and management tool, it offer to manage the entire lifecycle of provisioning code from development to testing and production it composes best practices, standard layout and tools.

The Opskeleton organization is the home for a growing list of provisioning projects ranging from security-onion to kibana and list is just growing ..