The following are presentations that I presented in conferences and companies, all are viewable online as static web pages.

Check my Github page for more info.

OpenZFS intro

Presented in a private talk, this presentation offers a practical intro to OpenZFS covering its basic layout, main features and even how to deploy in home/small business settings.

Functional infrastructure as code

Presented at Compose 2017 this talk covers the Re-ops project which offers a unique approach for managing services using a live REPL environment, piplines and protocols aimed at functional programmers.

Re-ops, one REPL to rule them all

Presented at Voxxed days 2018 this talk show cases the latest advancements with the Re-ops project aimed for professional developers and system administrators.

Clojure intro

Presented in a private talk, this talk offers an introduction talk about Clojure covering persistent data structures, concurrency primitives protocols and types, this talk aims to provide a good base for those who want to learn about Clojure unique features at glance.

Making devops deliver

Presented at DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2014 this lightning talk offers a more developer oriented perspective how we should approach Devops by adopting more development practices such as testing, linting and dependency management in our projects.

Jenkins scaling

Presented at Jenkins user conference 2012, this talk covers how to make Jenkins scale both performance and process wise.

Clojure bigdata processing

Presented at Devcon 2013, this talk covers my experiences with using Clojure on a Bigdata project using Clojure Hadoop and Cascalog the benefits and what made Clojure really shine in such a setting.

Java 8 intro

Presented in a private talk, This talk covers the notable new features of Java 8 including lambdas, method references, streams, default methods and completable futures.