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A live environment for executing functions over SSH and ZeroMQ on a cluster of machines enabling metric collection, remote orchestration with a rapid development cycle and increased flexibility over existing tools, it is a part of the Re-ops organization


A live environment for managing systems across multiple providers (AWS, Digitalocean, KVM), systems are persisted into Elasticsearch and managed using a functional interface, it is a part of the Re-ops organization


A project workflow and management tool, it offer to manage the entire lifecycle of provisioning code from development to testing and production it composes best practices, standard layout and tools.

The Opskeleton organization is the home for a growing list of provisioning projects ranging from riemann to ELK stack and list is just growing ..


A tool for backing up repositories in an encrypted form into S3 from central git repositories like Github and Gitblit, it offers an intuitive workflow (sync, push and pull)


A self contained build server that is aimed to be run locally in a Tmux session, it has close to zero setup cost and supports Git repositories as the source for its build tasks.


A collection of somewhat useful puppet modules, the modules range from ZFS to JDK and Desktop management, they cover mostly Ubuntu but offer some FreeBSD and Raspberry PI support.